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drama roro jonggrang versi bahasa inggris

Bondowoso in asking his mother to wander. roam when he met with King Boko. where a war between Bandung and King Boko. Knowing King Boko killed on the battlefield, Patih Gupala back to the Kingdom of Prambanan and reported the incident to the Roro Jongrang.
Patih gupala: excuse me Princess.
Jonggrang: why Patih.? you have returned from battle, where my father?
Jonggrang: Rama!? What's wrong with Rama? is there any news?
Patih Gupala: there Roro. Prabu Boko slain in battle, Roro.
Jonggrang:  is that correct? What you're not lying?
King Gupala: yes
and then Roro Jonggrang crying.
when it came in front of Bondowoso Jonggrang Rara.
Bandung: (walking toward Roro). why are you crying
Jonggrang: no problem
bandung: you are very beautiful ... will you be my wife?
Jonggrang: this way, if you want to have me. I make a thousand temples in one night.
bandung: okay .. I'm willing to

Finally, on second thought, would Bondowoso told the genie that has been subdued by him to help him. When the appointed night, bandung Bondowoso and architect of its flagship create a skeleton form temple, then Jin-jin begins to build a temple with a variety of carving the advice of architects earlier. Meanwhile, elsewhere Jonggrang'm confused.
Jonggrang: how it ...
Dayang: this is the risk of a daughter of the requirements proposed.
Jonggrang: then what should I do. I do not want to marry him.
Dayang: then how
Jonggrang: Dayang, please wake of all the people of Prambanan, tell the women pound rice, and also burn straw. We create the atmosphere of this night as if morning had come.
Dayang: Good Prince. Excuse me.
Then Dayang other ladies told to awaken all women. The atmosphere became crowded at that time. Chickens crowing, and burnt straw as a substitute bersinarnya sun in the eastern horizon.
Jin: Well, my friends! See! The sun was shining there! We've got to go If not, then our bodies can burn!
But, what about this job. The temple that was established less than a fruit. ... To hell with this kerjaanku. Come on guys we run away!
Jin-jin also ran and left his job.
Bondowoso then come up with shock. and the sun was rising. In the morning, went Jonggrang Bandung.
bandung: Jonggrang, my request has been fulfilled, now Marry. See for yourself, calculate the temples.
Jonggrang: Good. but remember your promise.
Jonggrang calculate the temples. After several counts, Jonggrang said.
Jonggrang: Sorry Bandung, after I count, the temple was one short. The number of new temples was 999 units. you've failed to fulfill your promise.
bandung: You've made me angry! Temple is indeed less one, and who deserves to complete it just you! Be you Jonggrang temple as a decoration keraajaanku!
Jonggrang suddenly turned into a statue.

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